We make every effort to ensure that our operations have the least possible impact on the environment.
All our products are prepared and packaged in such a way to maintain their freshness for as long as possible. This is our proven way to minimize food waste, thereby expressing our concern for the environment. However, that's not all!

Another solution we are implementing is changes in the scope of our product packaging.
At U Jędrusia, we opt for materials produced using innovative SPQ technology, which allows for the reduction of paint and solvent usage. The use of SPQ also reduces the amount of production waste by about 60% and helps reduce energy consumption.
All this directly impacts the CO2 emission balance and makes our actions more gentle for nature. It's very important for us to take the best care of nature, which continually shares its goodness with us, inspiring us to create new dishes and discover amazing flavours.

We continuously develop our company and expand our product range, which means we need an increasing variety of packaging. We care about choosing materials that have the least impact on the natural environment. We actively seek new solutions and test innovative technologies to minimize the impact of our operations on the planet.

You can also support us in this mission by ensuring that the packaging from the dishes you choose is disposed of in the appropriate waste containers, allowing it to be recycled.