Our mission and vision

We make everyday life easier by delivering the highest quality ready-made meals combining original recipes with modern technologies and the best team.

We accomplish all this based on the established values of our company, such as:

  • Respect - humility and understanding for another person, listening to others without judging their choices and decisions, communication without prejudice
  • Honesty - transparent communication, trust, and loyalty towards the team, the company, and its principles. Conscientious and diligent performance of one's duties, treating people equally without favouritism.
  • Collaboration - openness to diversity within the team, effective and conscientious cooperation at the level of one's team, another department, and the entire organization
  • Responsibility - courage in making decisions, promoting a stance of co-responsibility for the outcome, in situations of differing opinions, looking for "win-win" solutions
  • Development (Continuous improvement) - driving change, openness to new solutions, presenting an attitude focused on continuous improvement.