Helping others brings us immense joy and satisfaction. It's crucial for us to care for those in need of our support, hence we eagerly and regularly engage in various aid initiatives.


Health is paramount for each of us! We are keen to assist individuals and organisations that look after others daily. We consistently support entities such as the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital SP ZOZ in Krakow, the Shelter for Disabled People - Home Care Foundation of Brother Albert in Radwanowice, and the Krakow Council for the Disabled. It's important for us to enable others to save human lives within our means – we have purchased a fire engine with equipment for the Volunteer Fire Brigade (OSP) Morawica, and equipped OSP Brodła with a defibrillator. Supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has also become our tradition. These are just some of our actions, as the needy are many!

We also understand the importance of various sports activities for maintaining health. We provide financial, logistical, and promotional support for the organisation of triathlon competitions. We also support the Municipal Sports Club “Świt” in Krzeszowice and the “SPORTWISE Sports Club” Association.


Our actions underscore the immense importance of education to us. We regularly support the Captain Pilot Mieczysław Medwecki Primary School in Morawica – we have funded laptops for students and masts for shading the playground among other things. We also invite students to our family picnics to ensure they have the best possible life in the local community.

Our production plant is open to all eager for knowledge – students from the culinary technical school and the University of Agriculture in Krakow visit us to see what working with us looks like in practice.

We have also thought of those in need of support to return to normal social life. We offer employment to inmates from the Trzebinia Prison, enabling them to develop vocational skills and social integration.


It is very important for us to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment as much as possible. Our packaging is the best proof of this: we have reduced the amount of plastic used and abandoned enhancements, using methods such as SPQ printing, which reduces the carbon footprint. Waste produced in our plant is segregated and compressed. We also reduce paper use.

We took care of the issue of ecological energy sourcing. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the production plant in Wieliczka. Cogeneration used in our plants, which generating electricity from gas, makes our actions more environmentally friendly.

Our wastewater treatment plant allows us to recover water from production, thereby reducing its consumption in the plant. Properly selected cleaning and disinfection agents mean we limit emissions of pollutants to water and the atmosphere.

We also don’t waste food – unsold products are donated to Food Banks and local care homes to help those in need.

Animal welfare

In 2019, we partnered with the Otwarte Klatki association – resulting in the discontinuation of using cage-hen eggs. We are proud that our products exclusively use barn-laid eggs. Furthermore, we create and continuously improve internal procedures that help us verify if our suppliers of animal products care about the welfare of their animals. We aim to work with suppliers who adhere to high standards in this area.