The Krupiński Menu offers a range of traditional Polish dumplings (pierogi) and croquettes that epitomise the quintessential flavours of Polish cuisine. These products blend artisanal tradition with modern preparation methods, making them perfect for both classic taste enthusiasts and those looking for convenient culinary solutions.

Krupiński Menu dumplings are prepared according to traditional recipes, ensuring their authentic taste and quality. The delicate, pliable dough, filled with a variety of stuffings – from classic meat fillings to potato and cottage cheese dumplings and even spinach versions – each bite is a journey to the roots of Polish cuisine. The dumplings are carefully shaped, boiled, and quickly cooled to preserve their freshness and aroma, making them an ideal choice for a quick yet nutritious meal.

Krupiński Menu croquettes are another proposition for fans of Polish flavours. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they are filled with tasty stuffings that will satisfy any palate. Available in various variants, from meat-filled croquettes to those with mozzarella and mushrooms, they make an excellent addition to dinner or as a standalone snack.

All Krupiński Menu products are easy to prepare, making them the perfect solution for those who value both taste and convenience. Thanks to an innovative cooling method, the dumplings and croquettes retain all their flavourful qualities, allowing for the quick preparation of a wholesome meal without the need to spend long hours in the kitchen.