U Jędrusia's ready-made dinner dishes Enjoy the taste due to their unique recipes, but also because they are made from carefully selected ingredients.
The quality and health safety of our products are confirmed by the HACCP system and ISO 22000, as well as IFS certificate, which are standards concerning the safety of food supplied to retail chains. In this way, we ensure that we properly care for all enthusiasts of our dishes.

Certificates - Production plant in Morawica

Certificates - Production plant in Wieliczka

In the production of chilled meals, we use only raw materials from verified and regularly audited suppliers. We ensure regular testing and control of deliveries because all this affects the results of our work.

Statement on the Quality of Meat Used

U Jędrusia Sp. z o.o. declares that the raw meat material used in the production of our products (culinary products, chilled dishes, and ready-made meals) comes from verified and regularly audited suppliers whose farms are under the supervision of veterinary doctors. All these suppliers are subject to detailed assessment in terms of meeting specific requirements for having licenses, adhering to GMP, and approval by the Veterinary Inspection in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 853/2004.

The health status of livestock sent to slaughter, the slaughtering process, and subsequent meat qualification are conducted under the control of a veterinary doctor. Each animal designated for slaughter possesses a set of required documents that allow for its full identification and tracing of health status throughout the animal's life.

All these actions are necessary to ensure that a safe and quality product reaches your table. At every stage of production, we make every effort to ensure that our dishes meet your and your family's expectations.