We commenced our operations under the banner of U Jędrusia in 1980 as a small restaurant in Krakow. Even then, the dishes we served found many enthusiasts and were enjoyed for their taste! In 1989, we took over warehouses with an area of ​​200 m2 in the annex on Stradomska Street and started our first production there. It was this additional activity that became the seed for today's U Jędrusia company.
Deliveries to large retail stores caused the popularity of our products to continuously grow. Moreover, with Poland joining the European Union, our dishes also made their way onto the tables of international customers.

Over the years, we have become one of the largest producers of ready-made meals in Poland.
The demand for tasty U Jędrusia dishes is still increasing, and we strive to meet our customers' expectations. From a small team in the former restaurant, we have grown into a company that now employs over 1100 people.
The small restaurant space has been transformed into three modern production plants located in Wieliczka and Morawica near Krakow. This was made possible thanks to our hard work, openness to customer needs, and immense attention to the taste and quality of our products.
The involvement of Maria and Andrzej Krupiński played a significant role in the company's development. It was their initiative that always drove us to implement the highest standards, leading to the refinement of recipes and maintenance of high product quality. Maria and Andrzej Krupiński have wisely invested in the company's development for many years, allowing us today to benefit from a modern machinery park. The founders of U Jędrusia shared their passion with the next generation and, over time, decided to also pass on the company's reins. In 2023, Maciej Krupiński took the position of CEO, and Katarzyna Krupińska became the Vice President. Maria and Andrzej Krupiński currently sit on the company's Supervisory Board. Thanks to this, our company is led by individuals with considerable experience, openness, and an innovative approach.
At U Jędrusia, we skillfully combine tradition with modernity – we value proven recipes, but we are also open to new tastes and challenges. It is this that ensures our chilled ready meals appeal to so many people – both lovers of tradition and world cuisine will find something for themselves with us. We derive a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that we make our customers' lives easier. We are pleased to note that U Jędrusia products truly enjoy the taste!