Production plant

U Jędrusia is experiencing dynamic growth. We currently have production plants located in Morawica and Wieliczka.

Production plants in Morawica

Production plant in Morawica has been operational since 2005 and is one of the most modern facilities in the chilled ready meals sector in Poland. Its operations focus on the production of dumplings, croquettes, spring rolls, noodles, and other delicatessen products. With the dynamic development of the company, our activities in Morawica have significantly expanded.

In 2021, the production plant was expanded and equipped with additional innovative production lines. An extra 21,000 square metres of space was made available, largely prepared for the production of premium dumplings, crepes, and other delicatessen products. Therefore, the total area of ​​our plant in Morawica is currently approximately 31,000 square metres.

Production plant No. 2 in Wieliczka

Production plant No. 2 in Wieliczka was launched in 2013. It has been fitted with a modern machine park, including automatic lines that allow for frying with minimal oil use. In Wieliczka, we prepare a wide range of ready meals, including Butter Chicken with rice, Green Curry with chickpea and rice, Hungarian style potato pancakes with pork goulash, minced pork cutlet with mashed potatoes and beetroots, and many other dinner dishes.